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Calling card, phone card, toll free 800, long distance telephone and internet services
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ATN Calling Card - Phone Card
Calling Card
13.9 per minute instate and state-to-state
6 second billing
No monthly fees
No minimums
No need to switch from your current carrier
international rates - U.S. origination
CNN Financial News rates the card as the "Top Card Deal." Money Magazine called the card the "Best Buy" of calling cards. The price is right, the phone card is free! Put it away until you need it.
calling card toll free 800 long distance internet service
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One calling card
Mention EC:30220 when you call to order a calling card, toll free 800, long distance and internet service
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<h1>Calling Card</h1> Best calling card on the planet - Voted Best!
<h1>Toll Free 800 Service</h1> 6.9 cents per minute state to state rate for personal toll free service
<h1>Long Distance<h1>6.9 cents per minute state to state for 1+ long distance
<h1>Internet Service<h1>$14.95 per month, unlimited access across the natione